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Ravin Homes, Inc. is celebrating its 40th year in the building industry, proud of its product and eager to continue its award winning traditions in customer service. The family-owned company claims thousands of satisfied homeowners in dozens of communities throughout Midwestern Georgia and has launched several new ventures that will meet the needs of the growing population.

Ravin traces its roots to Peachtree City, where its founder Vince Rossetti built his first home in the 1970’s. The company soon expanded its efforts and has worked in 58 communities throughout Fayette County and along the southern side of Atlanta. Ravin built on its own success and often found recommendations from its customers, dozens of whom selected a Ravin home for a second and even, a third time.

Vince Rossetti, who arrived in Peachtree City when it was little more than tracts of undeveloped land, helped make the area into the thriving community it is today. He quickly earned a reputation for solid business practices and consummate customer relations. He passed those traits, which have endured through the years, on to his children, who now run the company.

He found that the builder who remains engaged with customers and flexible with their requests ensures homebuyer satisfaction. He encouraged customers’ input on the details of their homes and incorporated their suggestions into his designs and floor plans. Wherever possible, he would modify his own plans or work with customers on more practical options. Customers, who are involved in the building process from start to finish, rarely find fault with the finished product, he said.

At one time or another, most of the Rossetti family, which includes Connie, Vince’s wife of more than 64 years, and their seven children, worked with Ravin Homes. Vince Rossetti, who grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and graduated from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, instilled a strong sense of business ethics and a pride of workmanship in all his employees.

Michael Rossetti, the eldest son, joined the company in 1979 and took over daily operations, leaving his father more time to devote to home production. Under that joint partnership, Ravin Homes, Inc. experienced tremendous growth in and around Peachtree City, which has evolved into a desirable community for families who prize a vibrant lifestyle, neighborhood charm, excellent schools and easily accessed amenities.

Ravin Homes has continuously built in various Peachtree City neighborhoods and has been involved in several phases of Stonebriar in Fayetteville, Michael Rossetti, who distinguished himself throughout the community, further expanded the company’s scope with the groundbreaking of Cedarcroft. The subdivision, near MacDuff Parkway, opened its initial phase in 2001. Phase Three, the last affordable new home development in Peachtree City, is in the final phases of construction.

Ravin Homes has also established two award winning developments in Fayetteville, The Villages at Lafayette Park next to the amphitheater downtown, and The Estates of Stonebriar West off Lester Road. The company has ventured into commercial development and construction as well as commercial renovation projects in Peachtree City, Fayetteville and Fairburn. Peachtree City awarded our company for its renovation of the Comcast building on Dividend Drive. Ravin, long a member of the Midwest Georgia Home Builders Association, has received multiple Diamond Builder Awards, which highlights continual customer service, particularly following settlement.

After more than 50 years of building homes Vince Rossetti retired and turned his talents to furniture making. He is filling the houses of the children and grandchildren. A devastating tragedy struck the family earlier this year with the sudden, untimely death of Michael Rossetti. The company remains strong and determined to continue the legacy that is the foundation of Ravin Homes.

As we have done for 40 years, we will strive to meet the needs of our customers through a commitment to quality workmanship and service. We stand firmly on our solid reputation and we stand proudly by our philosophy of serving our customers throughout the construction process. These ideals have assured Ravin’s success and endurance even in the toughest markets and will carry us through cyclical industry slowdowns.

Throughout various times of high interest rates and political turmoil, Ravin Homes has consistently offered a quality product and kept its focus on its customers. Whenever the market slowed, Vince Rossetti, ever the optimist, would say, “It’ll come back. It always does!”

Our staff is eager to work with home buyers looking for quality construction and stellar service. Roch deGolian, Vince Rossetti’s son-in-law and former company Vice President, has stepped into the role of President of Ravin Homes. DeSales Rossetti deGolian, serves as Vice President, and Pam Rossetti, Michael's widow, continues with the company as operations manager and corporate secretary.

Ravin Homes can be reached at 770-487-9608


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"The Lee" - 4 bedrooms- 3 bath - 3093 sqft.

"The Fayette" - 3 bedrooms- 3 bath - 2868 sqft.

"The Ravin"- 4 bedrooms- 3.5 bath - 2647 sqft.